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Data Science as Service
Data Science as Service
Data Science as Service
Data Science as Service
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Data Science As Service:


Technology-enabled transparency and advent of social media have transferred the flow of market power from suppliers to customers, and a standalone experience, a single moment of truth, holds the potential to make or break a brand. In this highly volatile and competitive marketplace, where customers can easily shift spends, meeting demands in real-time has become an imperative for success.

CyberUltron Data Science consulting and business analytics solutions leverage the power of predictive analytics to derive real-time insights and reduce customer churn. We help our clients solve the toughest data challenges, predict demand for products and services to improve customer satisfaction and guide business strategies based on knowledge and foresight.Our Data Science service enables organizations to:

Develop customized statistical models and algorithms

Leverage advanced customer, operational and IoT analytics

Generate and deploy intelligent insights in near real time

We help our clients reduce revenue leakages and boost bottom line productivity using advanced data science solutions.Our team of experts enables you to find innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations while exploring new market opportunities.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Gain complete view of your customers’ behaviour, needs, and pain points to boost bottom line performance.Delight them at every turn by knowing exactly what they want ahead of time using Happiest Minds Cognitive Customer Analytics Solutions.

  • Customer 360 degree – get a holistic view of your customers including behavioural and cognitive insights
  • Micro Segmentation and Targeting – cluster and leverage look-alike modeling for segment enrichment and expansion utilizing 2nd party and 3rd party data
  • Recommendation Engine – increase upsell and cross sell opportunities using personalized product/ service recommendations
  • Campaign Analytics – maximizing ROI by monitoring marketing spend across multiple digital channels and campaigns
  • Churn Management – identify at risk customers and next best action recommendation based on long term benefits using customer life time value computations
  • ClickStream Analytics (Mobile/ Web) – analysebillions of clicks to profile the customer behaviour

NextGen Enterprise Operations Analytics

Understand your enterprise data at a glance to identify hidden opportunities,enable better decision making, and increase efficiency across all departments.

  • Demand Analytics – improvedemand prediction by correlating historical sales information with internal and external data (weather, events, social, economic data etc.)
  • Asset Analytics – predict type of failure and time to failure using warnings, sensor, log, image, and external data.
  • Security and Risk Analysis – leverage behavioural anomaly identification,net promoter score, and satisfaction prediction to minimize churn
  • Sales Analytics – enhance efficiency with opportunity conversion analytics, pricing analytics, demand and sales forecast, and sales and incentive analytics
  • HR Analytics – find the right fit with integrated talent management analytics from employee sourcing to employee exit
  • Finance Analytics – forecast and optimize the use of financial resources using advanced analytics