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Wireless Testing
Wireless Testing
Wireless Testing
Wireless Testing
Wireless Testing

About Wireless Testing:

Businesses may quickly expand their IT footprint and capabilities thanks to wireless networks; nevertheless, poorly built wireless networks can become a source of danger, making an organization’s internal network open to attack. Lack of proper setup and implementation can result in unauthorised access to critical information or systems – and this can happen without the hacker even having to step foot inside the building.

According to our requirements, our wireless security audit ensures that unauthorised access to wireless networks and wireless data is avoided, as well as that guest access is maintained distinct from private networks and systems. Additionally, it scans for any backdoors through rogue access points, among other things. Identifies weaknesses in the design, setup, authentication, and encryption of corporate, guest, and point-to-point wireless LAN installations in order to identify and offer improvements. It also looks for the presence of rogue access points. Ensures that authentication and encryption are functioning properly in order to prevent unauthorised access and traffic espionage from occurring.


The list of all presently active SSIDs is being compiled.

For approved wireless networks, the strength of authentication and encryption is currently being reviewed.

An evaluation of the isolation of the guest wireless network is performed.

Wireless infrastructure has a number of vulnerabilities, which are described and explored in this article.

The protocols for generating wifi accounts for visitors and other users are currently being examined by the company.

It is critical to recognize rogue access points.

Evaluation of the level of access that rogue wireless networks are capable of providing.
Suggestions for

remedial action are made.

Employee wireless networks that have been approved by upper management
Guest wireless networks, as well as the infrastructure that facilitates their operation.

Wireless networks that are particularly developed for a certain purpose
When two or more points are connected together, they are referred to as wireless point-to-point networks (WPNPs).

Vulnerabilities in the authentication and encryption methods, as well as in the way they are implemented.

The segregation of networks is a challenge.

Unauthorized access points and networks are considered unauthorised.